Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Second Raceversary - two years, two races...

Last year, I celebrated it big.  I was happy with my accomplishments.  This year, the raceversary has come and gone and I'm just now sitting down and gather my thoughts.

It was a bit delayed, due to weather and well, just me not getting out there like I should.  Which has sort of been the story of the last six months of my running. 

I got sidetracked by a new job, new hours, new schedule, new everything and while trying to balance it all.  I lost a lot of motivation.  I can say now as I sit here on day six of a sinus infection and another cold front that has blasted us.  Ok, cold for Oklahoma, I know that's subjective.  That I am looking forward to finding the fire that I had last year.  When everything running was new and exciting and challenging, instead of it involving my personal life. 

But I digress, the race that I always celebrated my raceversary on did not happen this year, and at the last minute I signed up for a 5k, the Mustache Dash and even more last minute (like less than 24 hours prior) to sign up for a Half. 

The Mustache Dash was going to be fun, the premise was a cute one.  But it was so stinking cold for this wimp that I just wanted it to be done.  Worst 5k time ever and I lost feeling in my fingers temporarily because I forgot gloves and just relied on my thumb holes.  I learned I did not have appropriate cold gear.  All of that being said it was nice to do a race the some of the girls that started off my crazy running adventure with me, even if it meant that I had to freeze.

The next day was the Runner's World Tulsa Half & Half.  There were three options for this race, a half marathon trail, a half marathon on the road and a full or a half & half consisting of both the trail and the road.  We opted for the road.  Fortunately, it was a little warmer because, this is Oklahoma if you don't like the weather give it few hours and it will change.  I had no set goals for this race as I really hadn't run any great distance since Wine & Dine, which was by this time a little over a month earlier.  I had a soft goal of finishing around 230, didn't do it, but still finished under my Princess time, so it was all good.

I did try to make it fun and wore a cute Minnie hat and my SparkleAthletic Gunmetal skirt (best impulse purchase ever by the way).  I was way out of place in my attempt to cute myself into running a race that I hadn't trained to run.  I guess I thought if I felt cute, it wouldn't matter how the race went down in my record books.  I admittedly felt a bit silly because I think I was only one of two people wearing a skirt and I guarantee you the only one in a Minnie hat with ear flaps and pompoms on the end.  I DID however get several comments on the skirt, probably my favorites were "we just got passed by a girl in a sparkly skirt" and "thank you for wearing that skirt, the sparkles make me smile".  

The race itself wasn't magical, probably my least favorite half to date.  But it gave my fifth half for the year, an eh time but again got some quality running girlfriend time under my belt. It also gave me a pretty cool medal and next year we plan to go back and run the trail half to get the yin to the yang, or whatever the case may be. 

Seems only appropriate that for my second raceversary I ended up running two races in 24 hours, it also is great practice as I get closer to the Glass Slipper Challenge in February.  One that I do plan to be trained for once I can actually breathe again. 

Do you take note of your racing anniversary?  Did anyone else start the year off so good and then just get complete sidetracked other areas of life?  Or was it just me?