Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year, New Attitude, Renewed Me

So we know that I have declared this my year of happy. I know it's simplistic at best, but sometimes simple is better.  The results not only will impact me, but will impact my family and my friends.  Because lets face it a happier Suzanne is much easier to deal with than a grumpy Suzanne, or a stressed Suzanne, or a nervous Suzanne...Well, you get the idea.

2013 was a fabulous year for me in so many ways. I got an amazing opportunity within a new group at work. New responsibilities, new everything and the group is amazing and the job is truly a joy.  I don't mind getting up and going in everyday.  I finished my first half marathon, and then did four more.  I made my first attempt at charity running, and exceeded my goal (thank you company match) and at the same time I was profoundly impacted by the charity.  I traveled a lot, girl trips, family road trips and a week long business trip.  Thanks to my runDisney obsession I found an old friend that I hadn't seen or talked to in a very, very, very long time and made a bunch of really awesome new ones.

I was so fired up at the beginning of the year, nothing could keep me from my run.  I may not have always gotten the distance in but I always did it.  I watched what I ate, practiced moderation when I treated myself.  The one half marathon then turned to three within a two month time.  I started a new job with an entirely new work group.  I added too many new things in my routine and I then I got burned out.  I won't make excuses, when the burn out hit I got out of my routine.

I got really good at putting other things in front of my running.  Things that were important at the time but there were a lot of just random excuses.  I gained a large percentage of the weight that I had worked so hard to lose and maintain.  I was hoping I could blame it on my non-existent thyroid and my synthroid dosage.  Which of course is an easy out.  But it wasn't the case.  I barely trained for Wine & Dine, and despite how much I complained about not training and how I had to do it.  I never did.  Then I signed up for a half on a whim and hadn't even run beyond a 5k in a month.  Not smart, I mean it was all right in the end and I had a blast at Wine & Dine, even the Half & Half wasn't bad but it's way better to be prepared.

Then the holidays hit and I got sick, but something weird happened when I got sick, I suddenly wanted to run again.  I mean seriously.  All I could think about was being able to get a run in.  For two weeks.  As I fought the gunk.

This is huge. Part of my issue was that I just didn't want to run. Which is ok, really, and well if I don't want to do something I tend to do whatever I can to avoid it.  But here's the thing, I truly love to run.  It makes me...wait for it...HAPPY. And what's my goal for this year?  To be happy.  I love the endorphins, I love the mental checking out that I can do when I run, I love leaving whatever aggression I have on the treadmill or on the path.  I feel so much better when I run.

So here it is, I am getting myself back on track and I am publicly committing myself to this.  I am aiming to get back to my runch 5k's every Tuesday and Thursday.  My lunch dates will be doing treadmill intervals to work on speed.  Then one longer run on Saturdays, or Sunday.  Or both if I so choose.  Running makes me happy and so I just need to do it.

Here's where you can help.  For those of you that have me on Twitter or Facebook, or in the world outside of the computer, if you think about it and have a few minutes, I would ask that you hold me accountable.  Bug me, tweet me, text me...Throw snowballs at me...Whatever.  Hold my feet to the fire.  Even if it's just long enough for me to get back into my routine.

Do you have a support network when you get off track?  How do you hold yourself accountable when necessary?