Sunday, February 2, 2014

Costume Crazy

I have a problem.  Not just a little problem, it's truly borderline OCD.  We already know I'm a planner, so it should come as no surprise that costumes for Princess Half weekend, are no exception to the rule.  

Hi!  My name is Suzanne, and I have a costume problem. It started way back in 2012 when I first signed up for 2013 Princess Half.  It was going to be my go big or go home,  one and only half marathon.  Well, we know how that turned out. 

Part of the initial draw of runDisney for me outside of running through THE CASTLE (yes, it's that important) was the costume aspect.  From the minute I put my credit card back in my wallet, I started researching.

When I decided on Snow White, I went about searching for the perfect tutu, and google searched stumbled upon the awesome Atutudes on Etsy.  She had an absolutely amazing Snow White tutu unlike any other I had found.  Small problem, it was for a three year old.  So what does that say about me?  I found her on Facebook and messaged her to see if she could make the same tutu for an adult but short enough for running.  She didn't laugh, or think I was crazy and humored me.  Once that was done the rest of the pieces fell into place.  I may have even been guilty of going "method" and changed my hair color to black to compliment the costume.

Choosing costumes this year was a little easier as I had more of an idea of what to expect.  I also might have had my tutu picked out the day after Princess last year while standing in line for Soarin.  True story.  The original plan was to have a theme throughout the 10k and the half.  Well, that changed several times. 

I kind of covered the gamut this year in terms of costume ideas.  I'm ending up with three costumes that will each be fun in their own way. 

I have my amazing tutu so poofy, puffy, light and beautiful for the 5k.

I'm going on a Jolly Holiday with the DisBroads in my first ever group costume for the Enchanted 10k.  This one I'm super excited about and it's turning into my "it's not done until it's overdone" costume.

For the half after much debate, I went to my original villain idea and went with Ursula based off of my Ursula ears that I bought on the family trip.  My subtle way of bringing my fam with me, even when they aren't there.  Though, seriously I need to work on my villain face because, I just don't look mean.  

Race costumes can be as simple as a skirt and a tank or as fancy as you want to make them.  There are so so many cute things you can come up with just a simple Google search. I love the flexibility of Sparkle Athletic and Sparkle Skirts.  They are awesome to work with and have amazing ideas.  

Tutu's can be fun to run in also, I have had no problems running with mine. But, I know they are not everyone's cup of tea.  I think the catch is the softness of the tulle and the length, the shorter they are the better, in terms of not getting hung up between your legs.

For more resources in costume planning there is a Running, Race Costume Board on Facebook, Pinterest has tons of ideas also. 

Costumes are a chance to be someone other than yourself.  For the introverted, it's a chance to break out of the norm and just cut loose.   Which is what showing your Disney Side is all about, right?

So what are your favorite costume tips/tricks?  Where do you find your ideas and inspirations? 

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