Saturday, February 15, 2014

So This Happened

Yours truly has written her first ever guest post.  Slightly ironic, since its been a while since I have written anything new.  That being said it is for a good cause.

My friend Krissy is an ambassador for 26.2 with Donna and has been doing a remarkable job with fundraising.  This race is something special as it is the only race that donates 100%, read that again, 100% of the funds to FINISH breast cancer.  The funds are split between the Mayo Clinic for Reseach and the Donna Foundation which helps provide care for local Florida women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and are in need of assistance.  So both research and care, and both are so so important.

I'm sure you know where I'm going with this, I can never pass up a good fundraiser, or a friend fundraising.  Even more importantly a fundraiser for cancer, I'm there.  I make no bones about my support of anything cancer related.  It just needs to be gone and maybe one of these days I truly hope there is an end to all cancer.  

So when she offered the chance for me to guest post on my personal experiences with cancer, I agreed.  As much as I try to not to get on my cancer soapbox, The best thing I can do outside of fundraising, and donating is to share my experience.  

So that being said, you can see my guest post here.