Sunday, March 2, 2014

Royal Family 5k Recap

Apparently, the thought of running 19.3 miles in two days wasn't enough for me.  At some point in the gearing up for the Glass Slipper Challenge time frame I decided I would also run the 5k.  Or rather the term run was used lightly.  My Oklahoma running friends and I decided that we would do it and just go slow and take pictures.  I had been coercing Wendy as soon as I signed up and she eventually agreed to join us.  Then the shirt came out, the super amazingly cute shirt, next thing I know DisBroad Patty and DisBroad Kristen were in as well. 

We got an early start on Friday morning after almost closing Magic Kingdom down on Thursday night.  Which truly was sign of what the rest of the weekend was.

 Patty and I left on one of the first buses and met Kristen and Wendy there.  We had an unintentional theme going as Kristen, Wendy and myself were all Belle's of the ball (er 5k) and Patty was rocking her Gaston costume for all its worth.  We also ran into Bonnie and her family as well prior to the race. 

Lisa and Marla slept a little bit later and we ran into them again in the staging area and at one stop on the course. 

I will say this 5k will go down in my personal history as my slowest 5k ever.  That being said, it probably was one of my most fun.  We went slow and stopped for almost every character stop.  There were a few we bypassed because of the line and because there was some semblance of time watching  on our behalf. 

We stopped at Mulan and Mushu, I have no photographic proof of this as my camera decided not to function at that point in time.  Also no MarathonFoto either.  Truly this one is ok as I probably had a look of concern on my face since the camera wasn't working. 

We also stopped for Dopey, I think this is the first time I've actually gotten a picture with him.  I later shared on Instagram that it was probably the closest I would get to Dopey in my lifetime. 

By far my favorite stop, had to have been running into the Beast, since I was all Belle tutu'ed out this was for sure a must do for me.  As I approached him, he bowed to me and I curtsied, and we got the picture.  It was a moment in character history for me.  It will be one I will remember for a long time, because I did let myself go and just have fun with it. 

Such a fun time that morning, not being concerned about time, about anything.  Just having fun and enjoying the magic that comes along with a runDisney race.  I think for future races, I'll do the 5k with the same intent, stop at all the character stops and just enjoy the day. 

I've also said this numerous times before but for me runDisney is about spending time with friends and having fun with it. Having fun with a race doesn't make you any less of a runner.  It also is nice to not worry about PR'ing a race and just enjoying the time.  For me I have local races to be serious and to worry about a PR or not, runDisney isn't that kind of a race for me. 

I had a total blast with the 5k, the morning was beautiful and I had fun with some of my BRF's.  I couldn't ask for a better 5k (well, ok, maybe one day coming in under 30:04 might be better).  

Did you run the Royal Family 5k?  What were your thoughts?