Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The rest of my Princess Half Story

Because I have been pokey, I sort of feel at this point any recaps of the Enchanted 10k or the Princess Half would be kind of redundant.  I'm not sure that I would have anything different to say than what has already been said. 

I will say that one of the highlights for me was the 10k, I loved the #PoppinsPosse costumes.  I had an absolute blast with the Disbroads.  I loved Elsa on the overpass and the snow, that just was the coolest thing.  My favorite part of the 10K was the Beach and Yacht Club/Boardwalk area.  I haven't spent much time there other than running through, but I for sure want to go hang out and just take it in on a non-running day.

As far as Princess Half, I really must have been in my own world last year because parts of it were brand new for me.  Even though I know the route didn't change.  I just kept finding myself thinking "wow, I don't remember this".  I spent most of the half with DisBroad Amy and DisBroad Tania, and the company was fun.  It was nice to not be by myself, but yet have the room with my thoughts.  It was the best of both worlds.

I can also admit, I'm a terrible villain.  One of my friends said it best, I just looked mildly put out.  Ah well, it was fun playing a bad girl for the day, even if I didn't look like one. 

My goal going into the half was to just have fun, and make time for character stops which I didn't last year.  That for sure was accomplished this year. 

It also seemed that there was more crowding this year than last year.  I found myself getting frustrated at times that I couldn't get around people. In the bigger picture, it was not a deal breaker for me.

Around mile twelve, I might have had a little homesickness moment.  The DJ just happened to be playing Born to Run right as we passed.  My hockey nerd is a massive Bruce Springsteen fan, so much that on his final move from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma he played nothing but Springsteen for the entire 20 something hour drive.  This girl is so not a Springsteen girl, so that was a treat let me tell you.  But Born to Run made me think of him and then it seemed literally around the corner was Sofia, one of my sweet E's favorites.

I might have gotten a little (or a lot teary) and then that was compounded by the gospel choir.  Future race trips for sure will not be as long and leisurely as this one.  It just was too long for me to be away and I know they missed me too. 

All in all the Princess trip was different for me this year, I brought two local running friends with me and I had the Broads. But something was just amiss.  I had a lot of stuff going on in my head that probably didn't make it an ideal trip for me, but that's ok too.  Princess 2014  got me thinking and reevaluating and that's always good. Sometimes it takes things going not as expected to help put other things in order. 

Don't get me wrong, I did have so so much fun, and I loved that I was there and I loved the time that I had with friends. Princess is always going to be my fave, because it was my first Half and I will always have a special love for that race. 

Have you ever had a race trip go not quite as planned?  If you ran the Glass Slipper Challenge or any of the races that weekend, what were you thoughts?  Any favorites jump out at you?