Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Keep Moving Forward...

So I've kind of been in a rut.  I have been busy, soccer season x2 has started up, trying to coordinate races with schedules and well you get the idea.  Sometimes things fall to the wayside for a bit.

Oddly enough, I have been running, at least more regularly than I have in quite a long time.  It's been a welcome change to be excited about running again and not to feel like I'm running because I have to run.  Right now I'm running because I want to run.

Of course part of that could totally be my new toy.  My Garmin 220.  To say that I'm geeked out by it would be an understatement.  It's girly and pretty and at the same time functional.  Isn't she pretty?  Yes, that's my arm and my exceptionally stunning work carpet. :)  When I first got my Garmin 10, it was exactly what I needed at the time, now that there are some bigger fish to fry this is suiting me nicely. 

The big draw for me with the 220 is my love of Treadmill Intervals during RUNch.  Yes, I said I love treadmill intervals.  I'm kind of wrong that way.  The 220 is supposed to give me a fairly accurate assessment of my treadmill runs once it's gotten used to my stride, cadence etc.  This is a no-brainer for me.  I often was frustrated with Nike+ on my phone and on my iPod because either the mileage was off or the pace.  Not that I didn't love seeing an 8'ish minute mile, it kind of misrepresented my running speed quite a bit.  I'm a mostly happy middle of the packer and I'm good with that for the most part. 

But of course that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of room for improvement.  That, my friends, is where my rut comes in.  I think I let myself get complacent and happy and after awhile that gets boring and well, not so challenging.  I felt as if I hadn't been making any greats strides (pardon the pun) to improve my pace or my distance.  It's time to change that.

After reflecting on my 10k this weekend, I realized that I have made great progress but it was time for a new challenge.  My first 10k scared me to do death.  The longest run I had ever done, and I had barely just barely finished to couch to 5k program a few months prior.  It was my litmus test to see if I thought I had the stuff for a half marathon.  I finished my first 10K in 1:08 something.  I ran it again last year after completing my first half marathon, and even with IT Band issues came back with a PR of 1:04:43.  This year, I had no goal other than to PR and try to remain consistent with my pace and for the most part I did.  I finished my 10K at 1:03'ish by my Garmin. 

It was only after I started thinking about how I felt during each of the 10k's that I began to see that I have made improvements, even if I didn't feel like it.  That despite me being complacent I was capable of more than I had allowed myself to think I was capable of doing. 

It's no  secret that several of the DisBroads have been  talking about their first full marathon during Walt Disney World Marathon weekend.  I may have even mentioned it once or twice myself.  So my big challenge for myself then is not too terribly surprising.  This is it...My official, holy cow, I'm going to sign up for my first marathon in just a few short weeks.  Not only that, but as of this writing I'm leaning towards not only the Marathon but Goofy too.  I even have a coach lined up, so I am taking this seriously.  Or as seriously as I can take anything. 

In a way, I feel like I'm starting all over again.  I had gotten comfortable with the half distance, and while I respected the distance, the fear wasn't there.  Now I'm facing a whole new challenge, and once again the fear and the respect is there. 

I have some time before I start training obviously, but it all starts with an idea.  Right?  At least that's how my half marathon journey came to light.

Once again, I will be bringing back my old mantra:

So here I go, moving forward again.  It will be fun to see where this part of my journey takes me.

What do you do when you find yourself getting complacent, how do you challenge yourself?  To my friends who have run a marathon before, any words of wisdom for me?  To my friends getting ready to run their first marathon also, who wants to join me in my pre-sign up freak out ?