Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reset - The Nutrisystem Experiment

First off I want to say that this is not a sponsored post.  This was just me stumbling across this Nutrisystem Jumpstart box at Walmart and deciding it was worth a try.

 It was also a trial for me to see if I would want to research this further and try it for an extended period of time. 

Initial cost was 45.00 dollars, for 15 meals, breakfast lunch and dinner for five days and then 5 desserts on top of that.  Definitely a great deal.  That breaks down to 9.00 a day or 3.00 per meal.  So not expensive.  

The only thing that I really did not like was not eating the same as my family.  But I'll be honest.  Captain Picky rarely eats when we do family meals, Miss E will eat whatever but is starting to follow her brothers lead.  With spring activities in full swing we aren't eating together anyway and when we do it's been out.  Not a great choice.  So in the grander scheme of things it wasn't a big deal. 

So now for the good...Everything else.  I'll start small, I loved not having to worry about making a shake in the morning, since we are usually running behind this was a huge time saver.  I also loved not worrying about what I was going to have for lunch or dinner.  Nutrisystem took all the thinking out of the way for me.  In the kit they provided a handy dandy list that included a day by day break down of what breakfast, lunch and dinner was for that day and dessert.  In between meals, it allowed for two snacks and they gave suggestions for that as well.  Hello, Nutrisystem, you are speaking my language.  The less thinking, planning, prepping I have to do the happier I am. 

I'm sure by now you're wondering about the food.  It was heaven.  Seriously, so good.  It started off with this...a cinnamon streusel muffin.

My first dinner was this, lasagna and meat sauce a small salad and for dessert a cheesecake flavored bar.  The lasagna was lick the container until it's empty good. 

One of my favorite lunches, a yummy chicken noodle soup.  The noodles were so thick and this just hit the spot. 

My other favorite lunch was a fab red beans and rice that I inhaled.  Just the right amount of kick.  Amazing.
Oh and let me not forget about this little bit of lunch yumminess Double chocolate caramel bar.  For LUNCH.  Paired with a salad and broccoli...but that sounds so less decadent that way.  Who wouldn't like to see this on their lunch menu?

You all know I have a sweet tooth and indulge in that on an almost daily basis.  Another thing I loved about Nutrisystem is the dessert. The fact that I could have it and not feel bad about it was awesome.  Plus they included one of my all time favorite snacks Milk Chocolate flavored pretzels.  It was a little treat at the end of a long day.  I could eat well and still have dessert.  Sign me up.

I embarked on this five day adventure with the full blessing of the husband and truly that helped as well. He supports me on most of my ideas, but this was a big one since it would alter how we eat as a family. 

It really wasn't about the weight loss portion, though that for sure was part of the appeal to me.  This was more in line with the general reset I'm doing to all of my bad habits.  Another part of the appeal to me was that it would be easy to maintain calorie count.  The major draw was also portion size.  I need to work back into the perfect size portions instead of eating until I feel like I'm going to explode.

I need to add also that not once during the five days did I feel hungry.  I didn't even get the afternoon munchies that usually hit around two to three, or the before bedtime snack sweets.  That in and of itself is worth its weight in gold to me.  I'm a terrible snacker. No, scratch that...I'm a great snacker, but it's a bad habit.  Really bad habit.  The fact that I was eating smaller portions and I was not hungry at my normal times was tremendously huge for me. 

 I seriously was so sad to see the five days come to an end. Sad enough that the husband said I could go back to Walmart for a second box if I wanted to do so.  Which I think I'm going to do tomorrow. 

In case you can't tell I absolutely loved Nutrisystem. I will undoubtedly be signing up for at least a month when we return from our Disney trip.  So I'm sure you'll see more about that as I get geared up again.

Have you ever tried Nutrisystem?  Or would you consider it, if you haven't tried it before?