Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Now that it's official and I'm registered for Goofy, I figured it was time to get some other ducks in a row.  I've made no bones about the fact that I've been lazy.  I haven't been eating right, I haven't been running right, and I most certainly haven't been cross training. 

 I figured this time before I start training for my first full and Goofy would be a good time for me to reset everything. Recharge myself and get fired up beyond the sheer panic of knowing that I have a full marathon looming in my future.

 I did start (again) T25 last week, and completed week one of Alpha level. I'm actually really enjoying it this time around and have family support so I will be more apt to stick with it.  E even joined me for a bit of the cardio last night.  I'm kind of crazy and like sleep and sometimes sleep trumps good intentions, so I've started taking over the tv, DVD player and the living room once we get home at night and getting it done then. 

Today, I'm starting a five day Nutrisystem jump start, in hopes that it will get my eating back on track and jump start my non-existent metabolism.  I will say that it's not totally about losing weight but a way for me to try and get the metabolism fired up and change my eating patterns. 

I blame a lot on my non-existent thyroid I know and it's a totally convenient excuse.  However it's also a challenge because I can't rebound from multiple bad choices like people with Thyroids, or better yet healthy thyroid function.  I had my breakfast this morning and it was yummy.  While some of the meals are not my cup of tea, mainly a few of the breakfast options, I know that for it to have the optimal effect I need to try it anyway.  Also, this reinforces to Captain Picky (aka L) that even Mommy has to try things she doesn't like, or doesn't think she would like from time to time.  Life lessons you know ;)

I have one last half coming up for the spring the first weekend in May and after that I'm going to revamp my running routine and get back in gear. 

I'm hoping to get everything back in check before training starts.  I am striving to take the training serious because well, 26.2 is pretty serious and I need to make sure I'm the best Suzanne I can be as training begins. 

So the reset begins now.  It's time to start over again and get it right, and keep it that way.

What small changes do you make when you need to start over?  Have you ever tried to "reset" out of any bad habits?