Sunday, April 13, 2014

Suzanne RANdoms

So welcome to my cheesy way of working a Friday Five into a whatever day of the week and it may or may not be five. 

  • We leave for the next epic family road trip in 45 days.  Yep, be expecting another snippet of Holiday Road in your future.  You can thank me later. 

  • After my Princess Half Detour, and a little You Tube research done by my son. We have added a day trip to Universal and Islands of Adventure complete with a night at Hard Rock Hotel.  Think he is excited about anything in particular?

  • I have added another half marathon to my schedule.  It's the Diva Half in Branson.  It's the Diva Inaugural for Branson and it looks like it would be a blast.  Maybe I'll conquer my fear of hills on this one. 

  • Starting up T25 for the second time on Monday.  I will stick with it this time.  Seriously, I should be able to find a spare 25 minutes into my day...right?

  • Somehow I have managed to make it this far in my life without willingly getting a massage.  That is changing. As of Thursday.  I have had two massages in my life.  One was a gift, one was a five minute work thing.  Neither of them I particularly enjoyed.  Hoping this changes that, even though I promised my husband I probably wouldn't like it and would not do it again. 

    So what are your Randoms for this week?