Friday, July 25, 2014

Fundraising Friday: 2014 Edition

It's the return of Fundraising Friday.  As you all know, I launched my second fundraising attempt with St. Jude Heroes.  This time for The Avengers Half Marathon at Disneyland.

This week, I have wrapped up my first two fundraising efforts.  I ran my Her Universe Avengers Distressed Tank giveaway, thanks again to those that entered.  Plus a back to school Thirty-one party with the proceeds going to St. Jude Heroes.

I'm off to a fairly good start, but I could always be doing better.  I was challenged today in regards to my thoughts on fundraising and so I might try to start thinking outside of the standard Suzanne fundraising box. Which of course means that I'm going to have to be bolder than normal.  Being bold = not normal Suzanne behavior.  It's time to channel my inner Lady Sif.

You want me to do what? 

Did I mention, this is out of my comfort zone?

In another nod to last years fundraising, I have once again told my family that I did not want anything for either my birthday or Christmas this year outside of a donation to my St. Jude fundraising and once again they will be honoring that request.

New to my Fundraising Friday I will be featuring several of my charity running pals and their fundraising efforts.  It all balances out in the end and ultimately all we want \is for our chosen charities to be the true victors.

So in keeping with my outside of the box fundraising dilemma.  What are some things that you would love to see as a fundraiser?  What are some things you would rather not see?  When you contribute to a fundraiser are you more interested in helping your friend, the charity, or something different?