Friday, August 8, 2014

Fundraising Friday: Dinner is Served

My next fundraising project is right around the corner.  I started thinking about this time of year, kids are getting ready to back to school.  Or in some cases are already back in school.  With school comes more demands on time, fall sports, activities, getting back into the world of homework.

For us it means the arrival of soccer and Daisy Scouts and Wednesday night church activities.  It's just busy and sometimes it's just hard to sit down together and eat a meal that isn't fast food.  We rely a lot on Schwan's during the busy and when I found out that Schwan's works with fundraisers it was a done deal. 

Schwan's is about convenience and the food is actually amazing.  This is a picture of my favorite Southwest Style Lime Chicken...Yummy

But it's not just prepackaged foods, the meat and veggie selection is amazing.  We can order online and it gets delivered to our door.  It doesn't get any easier than that.  The pricing is reasonable too.  Especially when you factor in the costs of eating out.  

So without further adieu let me introduce you to my next fundraiser through Schwan's Cares.  It goes live on Monday, August 11th and will run through September.  

Here is how it works:

It won't be red when it goes live, but you get the idea.  For every $25.00 Schwan's eCertificate that is purchased through my fundraising link they will give $10.00 to my St. Jude Heroes fundraising goal.  eCertificates could be a great gift idea too.  Or if you just want to shop online you can do that too.  For every online order placed through my Schwan's Cares fundraising page, they will give 20% back to my St. Jude Hereos fundraising campaign.  

If you are already a Schwan's customer and order online, would you please consider making your online orders through my page?  Same Schwan's ordering experience, just a different link and your normal shopping will help the children and families of St. Jude.  

If you aren't a current Schwan's customer I urge you to check them out.  I promise they really are fab.  

Here are the links for both again:

Schwan's normal website:

My Schwan's Cares fundraising Page:

Have you ordered from Schwan's before?  If you have what is your favorite?