Monday, September 1, 2014

Fundraising fun Part One...Playlist mania

Ok, so trying something a little different for my next St. Jude Heroes fundraiser.  You might have noticed that I'm slightly obsessive about my running playlists.  

I absolutely have to have music when I run, and I sort of have my list down to a science, or at least components.

 You might also have noticed that I have raging OCD tendencies and I don't relinquish control very easily.  Well, until now.

So here's the deal.  For this next fundraiser YOU (yes, you) will get to create my Avengers Half Marathon play list.  For just a $5.00 donation to my St. Jude Heroes fundraising campaign, you can pick two songs that will go to my playlist.  You can be as nice or as ornery as you want to be. This is after all for a good cause. 

 Have a favorite song you want to share, something motivational?  Want me to run to the Chicken Dance?  So be it.  It's all in fun and it's all for the children and families of St. Jude. 

Once the playlist is complete, I will share it here.

The fine print I will end this fundraiser on Monday, September 8th  To donate please go to my St. Jude Heroes page found here or here:

Once that's done leave me a comment here with the two songs that you would like me to add to my playlist. 
Have fun, and please be kind.  Or not.  Your donation, your choice. 

Also, as a little extra incentive the awesome folks behind Rock My Run have generously offered a free Membership for me to giveaway as part of this fundraiser. The winner will be selected via