Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fundrasing Fun Part Two: Logo Mania

In my continued efforts of raising money for St. Jude Heroes and an attempt to offer something for everyone.  I am super excited about this one.  As you know, I started Suzanne the Fan just recently but before I rolled it out I wanted to have all my ducks in a row.  So that started with the logo and design elements and moved forward from there. 

I was introduced to the super fab Chris from On a Roll Designs  thanks to DisBroad Amy.  Chris had designed Amy's new logo and Amy spoke very highly of her work.  So I convo'ed her via Etsy and explained my vision for Suzanne the Fan, color scheme and a little bit about my quirks.  I like to say she got me right away and delivered several amazing options to me based off of that initial conversation. 

If we were closer in proximity I would totally hang out with her.  I've also joked that I want to keep her on retainer because I keep coming up with ideas for her to work on for me.  Thank you Cards, Christmas Cards.  Twitter Headers.  You name it, if it requires a design she's my go to.  Sorry, Chris.  Not sure if that's good or bad for you? ;)

I've also enlisted her to help me revamp Suzanne Ran just a bit and we are in that process even as I type.  Here's just a little sneak preview of the what could be coming your way via Suzanne Ran very soon. 

So anyway, I digress.  Chris was kind enough to offer her design services to one of you.  Obviously, there is a catch.  (Isn't there always?)  So here's the scoop.  Any donation to my St. Jude Heroes page will get you a chance to win a free logo and your choice of social media header or website header.  That's a $40.00 value for ANY donation.  Super,super great deal. 

If you have been wanting to  update your blog, or just your logo here's your chance and at the same time you will be helping St. Jude be able to provide the same high quality of care that they are known for providing.  All at no cost to the families. 
If interested, my donation page can be found here
As always, thank you so much for your continued support. 
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