Friday, January 23, 2015

Goofy Challenge Recap Part One...and A half...

Almost two weeks later my Goofy Challenge and my first Marathon are in the books.  I have to admit, I was a bit of a head case going into it.  The Monday prior I started freaking out about the judgement call I made to tackle Goofy in addition to my first marathon.  It got down to the point where I just had to trust that I trained sufficiently enough and have faith in that and in myself.

I set out run Goofy with one of my BRF's Kristen and bless her, she had to hear about me obsessing a lot. A lot, a lot.  We were the only two Broads that were um, Goofy enough to tackle this challenge this time around.

We had agreed on Friday night that since we had purchased race retreat that we would get there early to take full advantage of it.  What that means, is that my alarm went off on Saturday morning at 2a.  I got up and got moving and still somehow managed to miss the first bus.

The bus driver of the bus I did catch was actually a good thing.  He was funny and managed to get my mind off of the task at hand.  Oddly enough, I was totally freaked going into the half. I think because it was so linked to the challenge I felt a little bit more pressure to get it done within a certain amount of time.

I got to the race retreat tent and waited for Kristen. Once she got there we went and got in line for Woody, Buzz and Bullseye.

 We got pictures out of the way and just hung out. Usually, I just have coffee and water but I made a conscious effort to make sure that I fueled right to and had a banana to get me started.   We waited until the last possible minute to head out to the corrals since it was so chilly. Let me tell you I was so thankful for race retreat that morning.  

Going into the Half our strategy was to have fun, and do character stops if we felt like it.  Just take the half easy so we would not be on tired legs for the marathon the next day.

We took off and got into a comfortable stride and before I knew it we were crossing into Magic Kingdom.  I was really surprised because it seemed to come up so fast.  As we were navigating through I saw what I thought was smoke and it was in the general area where the villains are for Princess, so I assumed it was the villains again.  Until I realized that it wasn't smoke it was Zero flying through the trees. I think I lost it a little at this point.  Jack has become one of L's favorites.  So I had to stop.  Fortunately the line wasn't incredibly crazy and I got a greeting to relay onto to L as well as a wish for a dreadful race.  He was perfect.

From there we found our way through the Castle to see Anna, Kristoff and Elsa.  It was here that I got so sidetracked by looking up that I tripped on Kristen's foot and almost fell flat on my face. That would have been memorable.

Before I knew it we were out of the park and heading back towards Epcot.  The half point song was Shake it Off which promptly made me think of Miss E and the two of us singing at the top of our lungs in he car.  So it was only fitting that in the middle of a gazillion people I start singing along rather loudly, mostly off key I'm sure.

Kristen had mentioned that Meredith and Brooke from Scoot a-Doot were wearing Newsie's costumes and I kept that in my brain.  Imagine my surprise as we were on that long stretch back to the Epcot area that I saw them.  I recognized the costume and Mer's hair.  The color was what made me sure that it was her.  Yes, I realize that makes me sound like a bit of a stalker.  I pointed them out to Kristen and it was glorious. I had never met them in person, so it was nice to finally connect and they are the sweetest.

After we parted ways it finally started to get warm enough for me to start thinking about taking my sweatshirt off.  It only took me 10'ish miles to get to that point. We also realized that we were coming up on seeing the Broads who were somewhere near Epcot.

Finally, we were there....

We got some quick hugs in ditched our sweatshirts and took off.  We were almost done.  Seeing the Broads was the last minute pick me up that I needed.

Before I knew it we were done.  It's funny how quickly that went in my head.  I loved running with Kristen and then running into Meridith and Brooke and seeing our friends cheering for us (and everyone else along the way) were just the icing on the cake.

After we finished, we went and hit the race retreat where I attempted to eat all the turkey sausage and maybe enjoyed a little post race celebration.

It was at this point where I started to feel like maybe Goofy was going to be doable for me after all. We finished under what I had in my head was the required time and had fun doing it.

 I was still not 100% sure about what Sunday would hold but I felt a little bit more confident that I would get it done.

What were your thoughts on the half?  Did you have a strategy going in?