Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Goofy Challenge Recap Part Two: It's the Big One...

AKA Marathon Day.

Picking right up where I left off from the half, I spent all day Saturday either napping or watching bad reality TV on Bravo.  Because you know, it wasn't like I was a t Disney or anything right?  As much as I was itching to go out and play, it turned out to probably be the best thing I did.  I had some time to just chill out and not be in my head.  I had some time by myself and it did wonders. 

After an amazing dinner at Trattoria al Forna and a quick trip to a local Walmart to hunt down a cheap sweatshirt to ditch along the way, we went back to the room and crashed. 

As luck would have it I slept and got right up.  Something I did not do going into the half. 
Alarm was off at two and I got up and got ready to go meet Kristen and Bonnie for Race Retreat.  I know it's crazy  but I really love having the race retreat option.  It's a bit spendy but I think I'm getting to the point where if friends are going to do it, it's worth the additional amount for me.  It also came in handy since it was still cool'ish for me.  It also proves to be a distraction for me.  

After a bit we went outside to find Amy and Wendy. Shannon had already left to get to her corral.   We headed to our corral to wait for our start.  My nerves were high, I went in with the goal to just finish but the secondary goal of getting in under seven hours.   Totally not what my original goal was but I had sufficiently freaked myself out that I just wanted to make sure I finished and thought I had let go of my original goal. 

The first part of the marathon was a familiar route going towards Magic Kingdom and back out, so similar to the start of the Half.  But rather than heading back to Epcot we went towards Animal Kingdom via the Speedway.  Seeing the cars on the speedway was cool and I got to geek out for my boys (hockey nerd and L) over a few BumbleBee's that were on the track.  The sloping was not my favorite but it was nice to be able to go through it,even though it seemed like an endless loop at the time. 

We got to Animal Kingdom and made a stop for Wendy and Amy to go through and ride Expedition Everest.  Admittedly I was antsy at this point because we were close to the half and well, I knew my friend Lisa was on the other side of Animal Kingdom with tons of goodies and I just wanted to see her face. Once they were off we charged through the rest of Animal Kingdom until we saw Lisa.  We stopped and fueled up.  Heaven was a little bit of soda and a salted caramel Gu and a hug from my friend.  This girl had everything, seriously.  She had made signs for all of her friends and one for the Broads as well.  I was frazzled enough that I didn't get a picture with her and I'm sad that I didn't get one at this point but Amy got this picture of her.  So thankful for her being there as a cheerleader at that point in time :)

Once we had hit the half, I was trying to process in my head that I still had another half to go and I kind of just went quiet for a bit to just not think about anything.  From about 13.1 until we got to ESPN Wide World of Sports it was kind of a blur.  We were doing 2:1 intervals and stopped at a few med tents for bio-freeze. At some point we knew Bonnie was close so we were trying to keep an open for her.  Which helped provide another distraction.

ESPN Wide World of Sports seemed to go on forever though I remember seeing some little people playing soccer on one of the fields and I was missing my own little people.  They were so so cute. 

I had in my head that mile 21 would be our safe point, so at this point that was all I was focused on getting through Hollywood Studios and getting onto the Boardwalk.  Hollywood Studios was a bit bittersweet for me because my family loves the hat. So while I was happy that it was still mostly intact the walls around it were a reminder that most likely by the time our big summer blowout trip happens this summer it will be gone. 

As much as I love Hollywood Studios, I have never been so happy to leave the park.  Because this time it signaled the end was near.  I finally was allowing myself to think, that I might actually finish the marathon. 

We hit the boardwalk, and I started getting excited.  Or as much excitement as I could muster.  I lost track of mileage because my Garmin died. Suzanne Fail.  So at one point I was off by a mile thinking we were further ahead than we were so it caused a bit of frustrations to me.  I remember a sign on the boardwalk that made me cry.  At this point almost anything made me cry.  "Some day you will fail, today is not that day".  I lost it a little in my own small way.  I know that one sign had the same impact on some of my friends as well.  Just what I needed at that point in time. 

Then we hit Epcot and we were so so close.  I just wanted to be done.  At this point it was just Kristen and I.  Wendy was having issues with her ankle so she and Amy told us to go on ahead.  Suddenly, we somehow managed to cross paths with Mer and Brooke from Scoot-a-doot.  They were there in the parks to cheer for a bit.  Seeing them gave me the last boost I needed to just get it done. 

Picture Courtesy of Scoot a-Doot

And get it done we did.  I got choked up as the finish line was in sight.  I was going to be a marathoner.  Kristen and I sprinted that last little bit and crossed the finish line.  Somehow I was smiling, well kind of. 

After we got our medals we found Lisa, Or rather Lisa found us. She was right by the finish line like she said.  I got a little teary again when I saw her.  She was with me during my first half and it was perfect to have her be there for my first marathon.

After visiting with Lisa a bit we went back to the race retreat.    Where I once again ate all the turkey sausage and some yummy pasta and sat and took pictures and let it all sink in. 


I have a lot of follow up on my post marathon thoughts. But for now I will leave at this I can now say that I am a marathoner.  I can also say that I have successfully completed the Goofy Challenge as well.  I completed what I set out to do, even though I second guessed myself almost all the way through.