Saturday, January 3, 2015

Staring down Goofy

Anyone still here?  Remember me wishing for fall activities to stop so I could blog on a regular basis...Yeah, not so much hmm?

Lots of stuff going on with the addition of a new favorite race that I still have to blog about.  Hello, Avengers Half, I love you.

But for now I will updated on the big giant looming in front of me. By this time next week I will have completed the first half of the Goofy Challenge.  13.1 miles done with one of my BRF's Kristen and at this point we either may or may not being wearing wings, but will be rocking our Sparkle Athletic tiered skirts.

That pretty much is it costume wise for me this time around.  No fancy costumes, no obsessively elaborately planed costumes. It's just me and the road.  I am slightly Suzanne the fan themed, meaning I'm wearing a comic inspired skirt for the full, there is a cheesy answer as to why bu for now I will leave it at that.

Race fashion aside I am in mini-OCD Suzanne panic mode.  Do I have the right gear, do I know how to fuel right?  How close am I going to be to my goal times?  Should I have pushed myself to get to a faster pace?

At this point I realize it's all sound and fury.  I have hit all of my mileage goals and it's just a matter of trusting my training and having faith in myself that I can get it done.

 Once again, I am staring down a first major hurdle for me.  The first marathon (and I can most assuredly promise you - it will be my only).  Challenges like this are for me to prove my strength, my bravery, and my tendency to make crazy decisions.  So here is my mantra as I approach the week ahead...

As with everything that I have faced running related this too is just another page and what I have learned about myself along the way is truly the journey.  Right now, it's too early for me to wrap my head around everything and because I'm incredibly superstitious I don't want to really analyze anything until I have actually completed my challenge.

So where does this leave me today?  Nervous, scared, excited and ready to stare down Goofy.  In the meantime I will be focusing on this Goofy(and my biggest cheerleaders to boot).

 Who am I going to see there? Either running or cheering?