Monday, May 11, 2015

Treadmill Tunesday

So it's been awhile since I have shared some of my favorite songs.  In no small part to the fact that I haven't been running on my treadmill on a regular basis and well honestly, I haven't been writing about much recently either. 

I am attempting to start running in the morning on my treadmill. I am so not a morning person.  It's generally best to avoid me until around 10a or until I have had copious amounts of coffee.  Oddly enough I am finding that I am starting to enjoy my morning runs.  It's been a great way to start my day and the endorphins going that early has been a bonus too.

To make mu morning runs more palatable I decided to go with mostly super peppy happy songs.  I also have to admit that I raided L & E's current car playlist.  Yes, they have their own playlist.  Can you tell which songs are mine as opposed to theirs? 

Anyway, without further adieu here is a little preview of my current morning rotation...

Kids, Covers &(be)cause...

Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy (this may be my summer song and hello Munsters sample)

Shut Up and Dance  - Walk the Moon

Walk This Way - Run DMC and Aerosmith

Magic - B.O.B

Want to Want Me - Jason Derulo

This is Gonna Hurt - Sixx A.M

Sugar - Maroon 5

Get Lucky - Halestorm

What I Like About You - 5 Seconds of Summer

Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars

Let's Not Be Alone - R5

Vertigo - U2

and my current favorite treadmill song...Such a fun song...though the video is a little odd.  Just as an aside I'm digging the teal hair too. 

What are some of your favorite running songs at the moment?  Are you a morning runner?  What tips do you have for getting out of bed on the mornings that you would really rather be sleeping?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Running According to Miss E

I've had a new BRF this spring.  She's been awesome and makes,me want to challenge myself.  The best part is that I don't have to travel to see her.  At all...She lives in my house and most times refers to me as Mommy.
Miss E has been joining me on several local runs this spring.  Mostly the fun runs but she did complete her first 5k this past Friday.  We barely finished it and she's swearing she won't do one again but we will see.
First and foremost you have to "look cute".  Looking cute in her terms is. Sing comfortable and bonus points for matching. 
Second run until you can't anymore.  To her running is "fun and challenging" and I want to keep it that way. So I'm going to just encourage her interest until she decides it's no longer fun.
That's it...look cute and run until you can't anymore. 
This is my goal this summer to just discover the pure joy of running again. I'm not going to worry about pace, distance, or running plans until I start Dopey training.  I'm just going to run until I can[t run anymore.    I have been schooled by my seven year old.
Do you haven any running goals for this summer?