Monday, June 22, 2015


My morning started off with a bang this morning. Ok really an eek! Or maybe even a what did I sign myself up for? Concluding with "ok, bring it on!"

This morning was Dopey Training Plan day.  I received my training plan from Krissy at Outrunning the Monorail.  I read it with slight trepidation, and a big dash of fear.  But at the same time hopeful and excited for the challenge that is in front of me.  

Last year it was just flat out fear and doubt. I didn't know what to expect, wasn't sure why I signed up for Goofy when I hadn't run a full marathon yet and then adding the half on top of it.  This year I know a little bit better, know what to expect (well, mostly).  I still have a healthy fear and respect of the distance.  I've done it once though and not in optimal health circumstances so as long as my TSH levels (thyroid) cooperate I should be golden. 

This year, I'm excited more than I am petrified.  Last year I had a blast but it did not go as planned.  Not even remotely.  But in the end I finished and that was my goal in the long run. 

2016 is my redemption run. I get to (hopefully) do it right and not just finish, but be proud of my finish.

With all of that being said, I am super excited to be able to see what my training plan has in store for me and to see how well I do with it this year. It's up to me to face the challenge full on. 

So what's with the number?  That number is what my life will look like from the start of training until the end of Marathon weekend.  That is my total training miles for this adventure. 

I'm oddly excited and trying to figure out my schedule now to fit it all in.  Can't wait to see how this all plays out. 

Who else is getting ready for Marathon weekend?  Even just in the planning stages?