Monday, February 22, 2016

Lessons from Dopey

So yes, it's been over a month, perilously close to two months since I ran the Dopey Challenge.  I did it and I'm just going to throw it out there that I will definitely do it again.  Staring it down for 2018.   Because well, anniversary year. 

I do plan on a doing race recaps because each race was different and each race meant something different for me. 

But there were some definite things I realized about myself that are not necessarily race specific and they really resonated with me so I thought I would share.

If you have been around here for any length of time you all know several things about me.  I am not a morning person at all.  No ifs, and, or buts.  Mornings are my arch-nemesis.

 You also might know that I prefer to stay indoors on my treadmill, unless I absolutely HAVE to get outside.  The main reason I will blame on my non-existent thyroid.  Since I have I have a really hard time regulating my body temperature (meaning if I get cold I stay cold for what seems like forever, and conversely if I get hot, I generally stay hot) it's easier for me to stay inside where I can control my climate.  But there are some definite cons to that as well.  I will save that chestnut for a recap though. 

Now that I've recapped just a few of my flaws/quirks.  Here is where they came into play.

Lesson Number One:
As a non-morning person the four alarms at 2a were rough.  Legit rough.  But, you know what I did them with only moderate grumping.  Except for when I was cold. Sorry, Kristen. As a non-morning person, part of my argument about getting things done was that I can't get up in the mornings.  That I set my alarm and sleep past it.  Here's what I learned (and it's probably duh-worthy). I can do it when I want to do it (or maybe the fact that I paid to do it was motivation).  I can get up and do what I need to do and get it done first thing.  I have to say I found particular joy in the fact that I was reaching my step goal before I was normally getting up.

Morning Number four - still smiling

Lesson Number Two:
I have always said I hate to run in the rain and the cold.  I think part of that has to do with the body temperature situation.  But before the 5k started it was cold and misty, and obviously I lived to tell the tail.  And the 10K?  It rained the entire time  Or it seemed like it did. Guess what?  I didn't melt and it wasn't terrible.  If I was home, I would have opted not to run most likely.  But again, if I did it there I have no excuse.

Lesson Number Three: Never set limits.  Unless you know it's an absolute.  A lot of things that I have sworn that I would not do/could not do are most likely usually I don't want to do it.  But as with anything else, when I can get out of my head and just do it.  It's good, or it's tolerable.  It's a lesson I preach to my picky eater.  How do you know that you don't like it if you won't try it?  I have branched out my eating habits because you know, I can't tell him to do it if I'm not ready to do it myself.  I'm finding this applies to other areas of my life as well.  I need to suck it up buttercup until I actually know that I have an opinion one way or the other.

 Mornings are not my enemy, the rain/cold/heat are not my enemy.  I am my biggest enemy at times  Or most of the time. 

Anyone else let their thoughts get the better of them?